Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ISE NY Artist Registry: Online Exhibition

“TREE”      Hiroshi Sumiyama, Janet Stafford, Haruna Sugimoto, Katsura Okada & Meisai Okamoto

Please check the links for "ISE Foundation NY Artist Registry Monthly Online Exhibition" on their homepage and the Facebook. Okada's work has chosen for it! The theme is tree.


ISE NY Artist Registry: Online Exhibition
Janet Stafford
Hiroshi Sumiyama
Meisai Okamoto...
Katsura Okada
Haruna Sugimoto


Title: "Birch Female Catkin"
Year: 2015
Material: Powdered green Mica, natural liquid adhesive,
handmade paper & Painted Mica on Stone clay
Dimensions: H 18 W 18 D 9

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