Friday, May 19, 2017

Opening Reception on Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 6-8pm

Wish You Were Here 16
A.I.R. Gallery's Annual Postcard Show


A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to present Wish You Were Here 16, on view in the Entry Gallery from May 25 - June 25, 2017. This inclusive exhibition both makes affordable artwork available to the public and raises valuable funds for A.I.R. programs. Past Wish You Were Here exhibitions have included work by notable artists like Mary Beth Edelson, Dottie Attie, Mary Grigoriadis, and Barbara Zucker. 
Wish You Were Here 16 exhibits original works by more than 350 artists. The 4” x 6” artworks were created and donated by A.I.R. Gallery artists, and hundreds of national and international artists from as far away as .the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, and China. These cards vary widely in style and media and encompass a broad spectrum of themes. Each card is signed and dated, some with a message on the back from the artist to the collector. All artworks are priced at $45 per piece. Cash & carry!
The proceeds from this exhibition of postcard-sized works benefit the A.I.R. Fellowship Program for Emerging and Underrepresented Artists and other programs that serve A.I.R.’s mission to advance the status of women in the arts.

A.I.R. Gallery was founded in 1972 as the first artist-run, not for profit art gallery for women artists in the United States. A.I.R. Gallery would like to thank all the artists who made this exhibition possible through their generous donations!

ARTISTS: Hyun Jung Ahn, Katelyn Alain, Rosaire Appel, Nancy Azara, Nancy B, Nick Battis, Ria Bauwens, Susan Bee, Sigal Ben-David, Kathleen Benton, Cynthia Bickley-Green, MJ Bono, Patricia Bouley, Sílvia Boyer, Daniel Boyer, Peter Brandt, Claire Breidenbach, Lisa Breznak, Daniel Brooking, Ly Bui, Nicole Bull, Sally Christensen-Novak, Ray Ciarrocchi, Annemarie Coffey, Ginger Cook, JF COOK, Leah Miriam Cooper, Lisa Cooperman, Tamsin Corrigan, Mary Crenshaw, KaiCruz Jimenez, Ivy Dachman, Elke Daemmrich, Faith Damm, Jessica Davies, Mira Dayal, Jasmine Dillavou, Maria Dimanshtein, Julia Dubovyk, Natalie Dunham, Patricia Erbelding, Donna Faranda, Amy Faris, Melanie Fay, Natasha Ferla, Arlene Finger, Emily Fleischman, Francine Fox, Mia Gahrmann, Colleen Gahrmann, Jill Galarneau, Heather Gallagher, Silvia Gallart,  Andrea Geller, Rosemary Giacomelli Soares, Skye Gilkerson, Jane Gilmor, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Laura Glabman, Amy Goldin, Mim Golub, Diana Gong, Michela Griffo, Cheryl Gross, Jiin Ha, Nanako Hattori, Adella Helton, Julie Henry, Maxine Henryson, Nancy Herman, Amanda Hernandez, Sue Hettmansperger, Antoni Hidalgo, Irena Hodzic, Alexandria Hovet, Cynthia Hsieh, Etian Huang, Shanye Huang, Suejin Jo, Gosha Karpowicz, Akiko Kato, Margaryta Kenis, Sarah Kennedy, Leslie Kerby, Young Ji Kim, Aaron Kirchmaier, Milosz Koziej, Varka Kozlovic, Carole Kunstadt, Yuko Kyutoku, Ron Lambert, Heidi Lanino Bilezikian, Ivana Larrosa, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Isabelle Lauzon Miltioux, Cendres Lavy, Hayoon Jay Lee, Soo Jeong Lee, Linda Levit, Nina Lichtman, Dain Lim, Christophe Lima, Laura Lleal, Judy Logan, Valeria Lombo, Gina Lucia, Rita Maas, Alejandro Macias, Janet Mahoney, Samantha Malay, Christa Malay, Lawrence Malu, Victoria Manganiello, Anna Martin, Mary Mattingly, Laura McAdams, Danielle Mckinney, Erica Meium, Caterina Miani, Wendy Miller, Sue Miller, Jamie Mirabella, Hyungjo Moon, Zea Morvitz, Willemina Mostert, Janice Schoultz Mudd, David Nicolato, Marie Odenstrand, Lisa O'Donnell, Katsura Okada, Mami Okada, Yukako Okudaira, Mary Alice Orito, Brian Ortmann, Kei Ota, Andre Pace, Diana Palermo, Jordan Parks, Jill Parry, Genevieve Paterson, Joey Patrickt, Jan Paulatto, Page Perrault, Camille Perrottet, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Stephanie Pfeiffer, Chris Phillips, IrenePomianowski, Cait Porter, Mel Prest, Jennifer Prevatt, Nancy Price, Daniela Puliti, Kathleen Reichelt, Maryann Riker, Helena Rios, Lola Saenz, Rihomi Sato, Rachel Scharly, Lionel Scharly, Federico Schiaffino, Lique Schoot, Victoria Schultz, Lars Schumacher, Yesuk Seo, Shamsy Shams, Shicoff Shicoff, Alessandra Sicuro, Wendy Sittner, Karen Smith, Brian Spies, Les St. Leon, Alex Strada, Elissa Swanger, Maria Tanikawa, Kim Taylor, Merle Temkin, KEat Teoh, April Terry-Griffith, Robin Tewes, Rhonda Thomas-Urdang, Vicky Tomayko, Eliso Tsintsabadze, Daniel Valentin, Juliana Vallejo, Linnette Vázquez, Norma Vila, Heather Weathers, Dawson Weber, Adi Wiedersheim, Evan Williams, Nechama Winston, Ruth Wolf, Mariana Carolina Wuethrich, Tamara Wyndham, Bert Yarborough, Janise Yntema, Mineko Yoshida, Jody Zellen, Abby Zonies

*The gallery will be closed Saturday and Sunday for Memorial Day weekend.

A.I.R. Gallery   |   155 Plymouth Street   |   Brooklyn NY   |   (212) 255 6651   |   |   Wed-Sun 12-6pm

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