Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy New Year 2012 !!!

You are invited to:

A.I.R. Gallery
Gallery  I: Illegitimate and Herstorical
Curated by Emily Roysdon

Fellowship Gallery: Regine Romain,
Portraits for Self-Determining Haiti

Gallery III: Katsura Okada,
The Re-Origin: after the last first

January 5 - 28, 2012

Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 5, 6 - 9 p.m.
Artist Talk with Regine Romain at 6:30pm

Gallery III:
Katsura Okada, 
The Re-Origin: After the last first

This is the the second solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery by alumnae member artist Katsura Okada. With this exhibition, Okada continues to explore rice paper as a medium, forming thin rolls into long flowing forms and delicate sculptural bundles. Katsura Okada draws inspiration from "all experiences - happiness, sadness, anger, pain, beauty and ugliness all influence my work and mature my mind, to be expressed perhaps ten years later." The Re-Origin: After the Last First specifically contemplates the effects of nuclear weapons and radioactive contamination on Japan. Playing with light, color, and textural sensitivity, Okada describes The Re-Origin: After the Last First as a kind of prayer for the health and safety of the people of Japan and people all over the world, and as expressive of her hopes - that the first use of nuclear weapons in warfare will be the last "first."
For a full press release, please click HERE.

A.I.R. Gallery is located at 111 Front Street #228, Brooklyn, NY.
FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact gallery director Julie Lohnes at 212.255.6651 or or visit

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