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A.I.R. Gallery June - July Exhibitions

A.I.R. Gallery June - July Exhibitions
June 27 - July 21, 2013
Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 27, 2013, 6 - 8:30pm
Gallery I: 
Annika Erixan
Spacetime of One's Own
Using literary and scientific theory, this show addresses a woman's deepest need to create and her desire for the necessary time to do so. Inspired by Virginia Woolf's famous extended essay, A Room of One's Own, and Albert Einstein's space-time theory, Erixån's exhibit creates an artist's studio inside of the gallery. Taking Woolf's list of required conditions for creativity, including: freedom, money, and a room, Erixån filters these themes through the theory of space-time. In physics, this concept removes the separation between space and time, and envisions a compact universe with all three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time. This theory provides for a curved room, or in this case a studio, where everything happens at once. 
 Fellowship Gallery:
Shanti Grumbine
The Glittering Point
The Glittering Point refers to the phrase "glittering generalities," a mid-nineteenth century description of propaganda involving vague words or phrases used to evoke positive feelings rather than to convey information. Employing sensational imagery of war, sparkling luxury items, and political campaigns culled from The New York Times, this exhibition includes prints, paper-cuts, and drawings that explore the moment when symbols cease to direct, support, or explain logically, and instead provoke generalized sensations of the sublime.

Gallery III:

Wish You Were Here
A.I.R. Gallery's Annual Postcard Show 
The proceeds from this exhibition of postcard sized work benefit the A.I.R. Fellowship Program for Emerging and Underrepresented Artists, as well as other programs that serve our mission to advance women in the arts. Wish You Were Here 12 includes original works by more than 300 artists, including such notable artists as Harriet Shorr and Nancy Davison. The artworks were created and donated by hundreds of artists internationally, from as far away as Austria, Rwanda, Spain, and South Korea, as well as by the A.I.R. Gallery artists themselves. All 4" x 6" art works are priced at $45.
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